Must Have Painting tool

An easel is a piece of equipment that allows you to stand your painting or drawing surface in a nearly upright position. I have found that this tool is one of the most important parts of my art supply. Of course, this fashion of painting or drawing has its pluses and minuses with regards to size of art surface and style of painting or drawing.

The most important aspect of painting upright (vertical) is being able to have a perpendicular view of your art as you work. If your large paintings or drawings are flat (horizontal), many times, you will experience some level of distortion of your figures and marks once you stand or hang the work in a vertical position.

I have an assortment of easels in my studio. When being versatile or flexible with your equipment types, you can open yourself up to location options for your painting experience.

My studio easel is very large to support large format work. It is wooden with adjustable hinges for various positions and wheels for easy mobility.

My backup studio easel is light weight, made of aluminum and completely collapsible for storing if needed.

My tabletop easel for smaller work is very lightweight aluminum and completely collapsible for placing in an art bag for travel.

My very special branded easels consist of 2 parts that are easily nested together for portability. It is a multi-notched canvas holder made of premium wood, very lightweight and will pop into any small bag or even your back pocket for travel.

Side note.. Easels are the perfect tool for most painting and drawing processes. It may not be the best tool for watercolor or ink wash processes because those mediums are very watery and will drip.

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