Ever wanted to have a paint day?, but didn't have all the supplies?

Well today reminds me of a day that I once had, it started out like a normal day and as I had breakfast and went about my day, could not help but see how beautiful the weather was outside. Since I love to paint, I said to myself, I'm going to have a paint day. As I started to gather ideas of what I could paint, I went outside to get a bit of inspiration. Once I had my idea, I went inside and started to gather supplies, like paint brushes, a canvas, some paint....but guess what, I didn't have all the supplies I needed, so I went to the supply store and got what I needed to have my paint day, the day was saved and I had so much fun.

This is what got me thinking there must be an easier way to gather supplies when I did not have some, and surely I know there must be other people that have had a similar situation. So I created a a Kit for you, that can ordered online and have delivered to your door.

This kit includes Includes: 1 - 12" x 16" canvas panel, 4 - assorted acrylic brushes, 1 - color mixing chart, custom acrylic paint, and 1 - antennae so you can get into the Bee mood.

You can find our products on our website, or instagram shop, yes you can order it straight from our integral shop.


Our instagram below to get to the our shop with the kit and much more.


Hope you enjoy your next Painting Day! ​

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