Did you Know?

Sip N Paint parties aree also:

A work event

Builds teamwork

Bonding activity

and most important is relaxing and fun.

Team work and happy employees are a good recipe for a thriving business. Sip and Paint events are a fun and creative way to bond your staff.

We also offer Virtual Team Events too! (Supply list will be provided for virtual events)

Request a time and date!

Mobile paint events Include:​

  • FREE raffle tickets, games and gifts to win!

  • All art supply and aprons.

  • 2 to 3 hours of instruction with a professional artist/college instructor.

  • Please provide a list of your paid participant names a day before the event.

  • Travel Fees Apply

​​​​ Travel Fees| 0 - $60+

  • $50 travel fee 10 to 30 miles. From 92570

  • $60 travel fee 31 to 50 miles. From 92570​

  • Additional $2.00 per mile for events more than 51 miles away from 92570


Overtime Fees| $25+

  • For each half hour of additional time with your party.

Reschedule Fees| $75 for each time that you reschedule your event. Custom Painting Fees| $50 We can create a custom painting of your choice using a photo or simple sketch of your idea. We will simplify the recreation for everyone to easily paint it. But check out our gallery first to see if you find anything you would like to paint.

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