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We're happy to announce our complete art supply packages to help make your paint party experience great!  Choose Essential Kit for one person, Couples Kit or a Group Kit for 6 .... we even have kits for kids! 

We offer curb-side pick up on Tues, Thurs 3pm to 5pm or Friday 9am to noon  - call to arrange.  We're happy to ship but fees will apply.  We do not ship outside of the US.

Table-Top Pocket Easel

Multi-Functional Portable Pocket Easel!  Enjoy painting on the move with our versatile portable easel featuring the one-of-a-kind multi-function notch that can support two types of canvases: 3/4" gallery wrapped canvas and canvas panels.  This all in one product allows more freedom of painting canvas choices. (canvases are not included)

Made from pine wood with anti-slip grip on bottom. 1" x 2" x 12"

Essentials Paint Kit - single


Essential art supplies to get you started! Want to join a virtual paint party ...  but you don't have supplies?  We carry a complete Essential Kit to start you off with everything that you'll need to paint with Professor Queen BEE via a virtual platform!  (Upgrades and add-ons are available.  Virtual link sold separately)

Includes:  1 - 12" x 16" canvas panel, 4 - assorted acrylic brushes, 1 - color mixing chart, custom acrylic paint, and  1 - antennae. 

Optional items for purchase: Multi-Canvas Pocket Easel (above)

Paint Party Deluxe Edition kit/gift Set for 6


Have a few friends over and join a virtual party session with our Deluxe Kit for 6.  This kit comes complete with upgraded paint brushes and other branded re-usable items for the next time you join us!  The paint experience only gets better, because you'll also have Professor Queen BEE instruct your painting session step-by-step via a virtual platform.  All or your guests will be raving over their masterpieces!  Just choose any painting from the gallery, order your kit and lets paint!  (Custom painting requests are additional charge)

Includes:  6 - 12" x 16" canvas panel, 24 - assorted acrylic brushes, 6 - disposable paint pallets, 6 - color mixing charts, custom acrylic paint to match the painting, 6 - water cups, 6 - blot towels, 6 -branded portable pocket easels, 6 - branded aprons, 1 - tablecloth, 6 - disposable wine glasses, 6 - antennae, 1 - custom painted hostess wine glass*, and a virtual link.

(*wine glass designs vary)

Couples can Paint with Professor Queen BEE! Enjoy an evening of creative fun with a friend or family member.  Our kits are complete with all that you'll need to complete a beautiful masterpiece done by your hand.  The kit features quality reusable supplies for your future artistic endeavors.  Great gift idea!

Includes:  2 - 12" x 16" canvas panels, 6 - assorted acrylic brushes, 2 - reusable paint pallets, 2 - color mixing charts, custom acrylic paint, 2 - water cups, 2 - blot towels, 2 - branded portable easels, 2 - branded cloth apron, 2 - branded wine glasses*, 2 - antennae, and a virtual link .

(*wine glass designs vary)

No Longer Available. Kids Paint Party Kit/Gift Set

Kids love art, and most of all, painting their art! Our paint kits are created especially for the little ones to have fun being expressive while making a great work-of-art that they can hang on the wall and be proud of. We have included very thoughtful items in our kits to enhance their painting experience as they begin shaping a life-long interest in art. 

Includes: 2 – 8” X 10” gallery wrapped canvases, 1 or 2 paint brushes, 1 – disposable paint pallet, 1 – color mixing chart, acrylic paint pots, 1 – blot towel, 1 – branded apron, 2 – traceable images, 1 – graphite tracing paper, 1 – bee antenna, and an instructions card; all in a easy to carry and store in a coloful tote bag. 

FREE kits are part of the Virtual Paint Party offer.  Kits may be purchased separately if you wish to paint on your own.



Paint Party Kit for 2 - Deluxe