New Tips for drawing with Pen & Ink

Understanding the principle of light and shade is important when working with pen and ink in art. Ink on paper or canvas makes a permanent mark, so before you start a project with this medium, you should know the rules.  

  1.  It’s okay to start your project with a very light pencil sketch of what you want to draw.

  2.  Decide which size pens you’ll use.  (Ultra Fine or Fine).  I mix my pen types in ink drawing.

  3.  On a separate paper from the drawing…practice creating light and dark patches of value to my different illusions of shades.

  4.  Also practice using different types of lines to speed up your process and also to create    unique surface texture (if needed).  Ie: hatch lines, cross hatch lines, squiggle lines, and stipples.  These can be used alone or combined.  Most of the time, I combine them.

  5. When you are ready to start inking, you will want to start in the darkest areas of the drawing, maybe starting with the Ultra Fine tip.

  6. Build up the values gradually as you start to move lines or stipples into the lighter areas.  

  7. Be aware of the areas that are more concentrated with your ink technique while making sure that you don’t darken everywhere too much. 

  8. REMEMBER THIS IDEA!  The brighter areas in any black and white drawing is determined by that amount of pigment (ink or pencil) on top of the bright paper you are  using.  Therefore, the more bright paper behind the pigment will suggest a bright area and conversely, the least amount of bright paper showing up behind the pigment will suggest a darker area. 

  9. Again…practice some techniques on another paper before starting, just to be comfortable. 

  10. It’s super fun!

Here is the link to the video that goes along with this blog

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