Breast Cancer Awareness 2020

We are going to say farewell to Breast Cancer Awareness month, but never to being part of the movement to educate in a mission to save women and men from this deadly disease. 

Let’s continue to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness in practice all year long!  

Monthly breast self-examination (BSE) and mammograms are both leading interventions in the early detection of breast cancer. 

My testimony began with a BSE.  What is a BSE, you might ask?  

Well, it is an exam that you can do on your own breast to evaluate the texture. Laying down flat on your back on a bed or couch; with one arm up above your head and then using your other hand, you want to gently move your fingers in a “kneading” motion starting at the nipple then moving around and around until you end up in the armpit area. Once you reach the armpit, continue to “knead” and move back and forth. 

The key is to “know your body”!  

If you know that you have any lumps that have been defined as normal by your doctor or mammogram….go from there.  Anything out of the “norm” should be mentioned to your doctor as soon as possible.

My experience started while taking a shower. Since I did not have very large breasts, I was able to feel a lumpy texture that was unlike the same area on the other breast …. a call to schedule a doctor's appointment was my next move.

We are increasingly becoming more educated on this subject.  Scientists and doctors are more knowledgeable and equipped to provide a treatment plan to serve your specific needs.  These protocols and procedures are put into place to save our lives and we need to take every opportunity to use them.  

In 2019, about 2,700,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer with about 1% (2,700) were men.  Everyone is at risk.  While breast cancer is more prevalent in certain demographics and races; both men and women of all walks of all nations can fall victim to this dreaded disease.

Take action and save yourself now!  Check yourself, see your doctor and spread awareness with testimonials and facts that could save the life of someone else.

We want to continue to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month together!  Pink Power!

Latonja Davis,

Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast Care Specialist

Healing Artist


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