11 Great Painting tips for Artists

1. Be sure to select the right brush for your paint medium.

2. If you are using oil based paint, you will also need mineral spirits to clean up.

3. If you are using water based paint, you will need water to clean up.

4. General rule of thumb is to start painting with a lighter color before including dark colors to painting.

5. Unlike oil based paint, water based paint will dry very quickly; if you need to extend drying time for blending colors on the canvas, you will need to add an acrylic gel or medium to your palate.

6. Canvas paper is a great way to sample your painting process before using the “real” canvas. 

7. Always hydrate your brush bristles with water before painting in acrylics.

8. Always moisten your brush with a small amount of mineral spirits while painting in oils.

9. Select a gallery wrapped canvas if you would like to hang the art without a frame.  Canvas panels will need a frame from hanging your painting on the wall. 

10. Save money by using recycled cottage cheese or sourcream containers for a water cup.

11. If you need to paint a thin line and you don’t have a pointed paint brush, just use a flat brush in a vertical orientation.

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