• $35 per painter

  • 12 minimum to 80 max guests. 

    • (16 minimum outside of 30 mile radius from us)

  • Travel Fees Apply



Includes: ​

  • FREE raffle tickets, games and gifts.

  • All art supply and aprons.  

  • 2 to 3 hours of instruction with a professional artist/college instructor. 


Deposit| $140

Due at Time of Booking (covers 4 guests)  - NON REFUNDABLE


Travel Fees| 0 - $50+

$30 travel fee 0 to 30 miles. From 92570

$50 travel fee 31 to 50 miles. From 92570

Additional $1.00 per mile for events more than 51 miles away from 92570


Additional Paint Time| $25

for every additional half hour of paint time past the scheduled limit.

Reschedule Fees| $75

for each time that you reschedule your event.

Custom Painting Fees| $50

We can create a custom painting of your choice using a photo or simple sketch of your idea.  We will simplify the recreation for everyone to easily paint it.   But check out our gallery first to see if you find anything you would like to paint. 


game show bee copy.png

Invite your guests!

Have Your Own Paint Party!





  • BirthdaysBridal ShowersBachelorette Parties, Engagement, Baby ShowersBeach Parties... 

  • Parties/Pool PartiesBachelor or Men PartiesMenopause Parties...

  • Holiday Parties  - Valentine, 4th of July, Christmas Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Easter, New Years... and the list goes on. 

  • Employee Team Builder PartiesSchool Fundraisers, Club Fundraisers, Church Fundraisers... (other rates apply)


Host your unique paint party where ever you'd like.  Below are just ideas to get started!  Give your favorite venue a call and make a reservation to host your party!

At Your Home

At a Club House or Community Center

Your Back Yard or Patio

At a Winery or Restaurant

At a Conference Room or Church Fellowship Hall

At the Park


How will I pay for my guests?

Good question!  A group payment is seamless and easier to organize your party.  By you collecting from all of your guests and making one payment for the group, you will ensure that everyone in on board!

How do I choose a venue location?

Our staff will work with you to choose the perfect venue for your event.  We will contact your solicited venue to ensure that the accommodation will be appropriate for a sip and paint event.  We ask that you provide us with your chosen venue information two weeks in advance. If the venue accommodation is not appropriate, we will contact you immediately in order for you to secure another venue for your event. 


A good venue MUST have:

  • large tables (non-booth type is best)

  • chairs or stools

  • bright light

  • uncarpeted floors (is best, but we can work with carpet)

  • seating arrangement for good visibility of instructor demo

  • sinks and running water

  • refreshments and food (desirable for your party and an added benefit for the venue to earn money for the evening).


What do I need to provide if I host an event at my home?

As a host of a sip and paint event in your home, the requirements are similar to hosting at a venue.  We will help you determine is the space in your home will accommodate your event size and offer suggestions for better space planning. Once we arrive at your home, we  will configure the tables and chairs for the best instructor visibility and comfort of your guests.  Ensure the requirements on the list below and we will do the rest!

  • large tables (non-booth type)

  • chairs or stools

  • bright light

  • seating arrangement for good visibility of instructor demo

  • sinks and running water

  • refreshments and food 


Will there be an additional fee for you to travel to my event location?

Yes.  We do have a travel fee to locations 6+ miles from our Paint Hive Studio headquarters (92570). Once you've reserve your date and set the location, we can calculate the travel fees.  Don't worry.... it won't be outrageous!


Will you handle the food and beverage?

  • If you host an event in your home, it would be wonderful if you can supply treats for your guests.   

  • Public venues will require food and beverage purchases from their menu - your guest should be encouraged to buy there (this is how the owner gets compensated for allowing use the facility). 


Can I choose any painting?

Yes! You may choose from any painting our collection or have a custom acrylic painting created for an additional charge!  The custom painting must fit a 2.5 hour parameter; we can discuss those options with you by phone.



*Note: Free or Buy One Get One Free have a $35 value for use at events only. They have no return cash value.  May not be used with other specials or discounts.  They are transferable.

PRIVATE PARTIES.  Must have minimum required PAID GUESTS FIRST when used for private parties. Only one (1) redemption per party.

PUBLIC PARTIES.  We can allow two (2) individual person redemptions per event.

For more information about private sip and paint parties, please contact our Private Events Coordinator at Latonja@PaintHiveStudio.com

800 713-3001